BMW Provider Technologies - The Evolution of Diagnostic Equipment

Not only has BMW electrical architecture changed in excess of the very last decade, but so has the gear to services them. The gear has modified, the interfaces have altered and also the complexity of setup and use.

Early instruments

Again in the 1990's, the Team Tester 1 (GT1) was introduced. There ended up a few variations, like DIS Plus (stationary set up), even so inpa is the most common and is what will be referenced below. The GT1 is a moveable unit which contained a rechargeable battery. It has a touchscreen exhibit for simple use. It contained software program for Diagnosing and also experienced software referred to as TIS (Technical Info Display) which is the Service & Repair Details. Early variations of Diagnostics also contained computer software called Coding, Programming & Individualization (CIP). So from the very same resource, you could Diagnose the issue, search up how to substitute the part and then complete the necessary initializations for the new element. Two interfaces ended up utilised: EDIC (yellow interface) and the OPS (orange interface). Later on versions of the OPS had been called OPPS, given that they carried extra diagnostics for the Byteflite technique and they were also yellow, but considerably greater than the EDIC. Reliable GT1s are on the transportable touchscreen device. There are several "cloned" models out there, adapted to operate on a Pc. Possibly real or cloned, the interfaces perform the identical and join by means of an Ethernet port.

Later variations of the GT1 computer software taken out CIP, and moved it to a separate laptop (for storage), but even now accessible from the GT1. This new application was known as Progman (short for System Supervisor). This new software contained all of the CIP features and extra new attributes like several automobile programming and dual channel programming for each auto (DIAGBUS and MOST bus at the same time).

3rd Technology equipment

Quickly forward to about 2008 when the Third Generation (3G) of tools was introduced: ISIS. The contents of ISIS are so massive, that dedicated servers are set up at the dealership. An on-line model is offered to the aftermarket for a fee, named OSS. It can be discovered at BMW's tech web site. With the introduction of ISIS will come a new interface, named ICOM. Earlier interfaces (EDIC & OPS) won't perform with ISIS. ISIS is made up of a few areas, since it fully changed GT1 & Progman. The principal portion of ISIS that is utilised in the shop is referred to as "ISTA", which can be even more broken down into two areas: ISTA/D for Diagnosing autos and ISTA/P for Coding, Programming & Individualization.


GT1s can be found just about everywhere, including eBay for extremely low-cost. BMW recognized that the device was very easily cloned and marketed globally. Several ranges of stability have been place into the generation of ISIS to stop this, in each resident servers and on the internet versions. This can make it much more challenging for non-seller outlets to work on the newer autos. 1 would believe that considering that the GT1 was discontinued in 2009, you could just preserve employing that for numerous a lot more years until the newer program turned more available, nonetheless, BMW stayed 1 phase in advance! Each time a car is programmed with the new ISTA/P, it updates the software outside of the stage of what Software can recognize. That indicates, after a automobile has been current with ISTA/P, you can Never use Progman on it once more, rendering the "cloned" versions useless on that specific vehicle. Also, when a new module is installed, the software that is pre-set up on that module is also more recent than what Plan can recognize, which can quit the complete programming procedure, forcing the car to be programmed by ISTA/P.

So what does that imply for the BMW proprietor? As a result of the newer programs, several BMW homeowners can no lengthier restore the autos themselves. Many aftermarket retailers are also sending the automobiles to dealerships as a result. Nevertheless, not all aftermarket outlets have fallen behind. There are a pick couple of of BMW specialty retailers that continue to be on best of manufacturer technology, so that no auto is turned absent! When seeking for a place to service your BMW, make positive they can do ALL factors of repair, including Diagnostics and CIP!

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